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Tuesday, December 25 2018

Ask Project - Who is Jesus to you?

There is a Jew, named Corey Gil-Shuster who does "man on the street" interviews in Israel. He takes questions from outsiders and asks people on camera. He is studying why we fight each other and is trying to help people understand Israelis and Palestinians.

I found these 2 videos very interesting. I was surprised at the variety of answers. Practicing Jews gave many different answers from the Torah, Talmud, and Kabbalah. There were also non-practicing Jews, Atheists, a Karma believer, and Muslims.

Monday, August 27 2018

Ray Comfort "The Banana Man" hosts a Reddit AMA

Here is a link to The Banana Man's Ask Me Anything that was help on Monday night 8/27/18.

here is his profile on Reddit

I was so surprised to see that Ray Comfort was hosting an AMA on Reddit. Most Christians hide on highly moderated websites, and never open themselves to criticism and attacks. Ray answered many questions and put in many comic responses to lighten the mood. Check it out. :)

Sunday, August 19 2018

A Fool for Christ?

For Christians only .... don't click on this link if you are an atheist:

Sunday, July 8 2018

Who Did Jesus Think He Was?

Here is an interesting short video on the subject of the historical Jesus.

This is the full entry on

Saturday, July 7 2018

My youtube channel playlist

Here is a link to my youtube channel playlist full of related videos to who do people say that Jesus is?

Friday, June 29 2018

Jesus Never Existed

An interesting 7 minute video of Ray Comfort talking to someone on the Huntington Beach Pier.

This young man believes in some sort of Creator, but that it is not necessarily moral or good.